About Us

Fresh food at your doorsteps. That’s what Veggiesaurus is all about. Based out of The Hague, Netherlands, we’re food enthusiasts dinosaurs, who’ve stomped our way past the Jurassic Park, and walked right through the kitchen doors.

We’ve travelled through time and, along the way, we’ve learnt to customize, (g)localize, and globalize when it comes to food. And while we’re occasionally food purists, and don’t mess with that which has been tried and tested, we don’t shy away from a challenge either – we improvise, and merge, both flavours and techniques, many times with surprisingly delicious results.

What cuisines do we work with? Just about everything. We’re confident when it comes to working with contrasting flavour palettes, and we can dish out just about anything. Which is why our Food Box features a different cuisine every day –Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Moroccan, to name a few. And with such wide variety to choose from, it’s little wonder why you never hear our dinosaur stomachs roar (anymore).

So what exactly do we do? We have our own catering gig aka Food Box. We cater for private lunches, dinners and other social events. We leave a mark and make our presence felt in food festivals. And, of course, under the banner of The Veggiesaurus Academy, we conduct workshops and/or cooking demonstrations.

If you’d like us to share our food with you, and your guests, please contact us. It’s a like a party in our kitchen every day. And hopefully in your mouths too.